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*$199.00 Customer Installation Charge with Purchase of Alarm Monitoring Agreement. Offer valid with annual monitoring prepay customers.


Everyone should be able to feel that their home is secure when they go to bed at night, leave on vacation, or simply go out for dinner. Unfortunately, burglaries are a part of life today, so homeowners need to protect themselves with services like Intrusion Detection from Interscapes Fire & Security. Once our system is installed, you can rest assured that the proper authorities will be notified the instant an unauthorized person enters your home.

Intrusion Detection from Interscapes can serve to protect both your peace of mind and your physical possessions. Most of us have a number of valuable items within our homes at any one time, including flat screen televisions, computers, jewelry, and more. To make sure that your home doesn’t become a target for greedy thieves, have a professional, quality security system installed right away.


Another method for protecting your home is video surveillance. This is a great feature offered by Interscapes that can be useful both when you are home and when you are away. At home, use the remote feature to see who is outside before you open the front door. While away, the surveillance system can be useful to investigate anything that might have happened to your home or property.

Thanks to the rapid advances in technology, video surveillance is more-powerful and easier to use than ever before. The cameras have gotten smaller and yet are able to record higher quality video. That means you can record what is going on outside of your home using a high quality image and cameras that can be placed discreetly.


Technology has made home security more powerful in another way as well. Interscapes is now able to offer remote access and monitoring as part of your home security solution. Monitoring can include basic security monitoring to alert the authorities of a burglary, but also fire and carbon monoxide detection. Security is all about keeping you and your family safe, and great monitoring can go a long way toward that goal.


Interscapes Fire & Security offers the added protection of 24/7 monitoring for carbon monoxide poisoning. Protect your family from this odorless, invisible poison that claims lives every year.

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Do you have an older friend or family member that is living alone? Life monitoring is a great opportunity to give them the peace of mind that they deserve. With our system they can live in their own home independently, safe, secure and free from worry. Assistance is there when you need it – day or night – with a medical alert system from Interscapes Fire & Security.

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Total Connect™ remote services, keypad feature works just like a security system keypad. With the tap of a finger, you can control your security system, receive text messages and e-mail alerts and view live, streaming video, event-driven video clips and pictures of your home and business remotely when using your laptop, smartphone or compatible mobile device. You can even download free apps for your BlackBerry®, Android™ or Apple® iPhone®, iPad™ or iPod touch®!


  • Remotely Arm & Disarm System
  • Receive Text & Email Alerts
  • Control Thermostat, Lighting and Locks

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